5 x 50 miles in 2013

Having started my ultra-distance (anything over the 26.2 miles marathon distance) running in 2012, with the London Ultra 50K in February, the Croydon Ultra (30-mile event) in July and the North Downs Way 50 mile event in August, I decided to celebrate life at 45 years old by running five 50-mile events in 2013. As a bonus, 2013 is the 50th Anniversary of Twycross Zoo, so it’s a perfect opportunity for this running ape to raise money for the zoo’s bonobos, highly endangered great apes only found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

My intended events are:
– Thames Trot 50 (2nd February)
– South Downs Way 50 (13th April)
– North Downs Way 50 (18th May)
– Lakeland 50 (27-28th July)
– Ladybower 50, (22nd September)

I’ll also be keeping busy with recce (reconnaissance) runs, particularly the organised recce days for the Lakeland 50. I’ll also be organising my own recce runs for the SDW50 and at least part of the Thames Trot. Although I know the NDW50 route quite well, having both recced it and run it during 2012, I’ll try to cover that in sections during training as well. I also have some shorter races planned, including the LWDA Winter Tanners 30 mile Challenge event as a training run (!) two weeks before the Thames Trot (everything’s relative).


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