Starting the New Year

December’s running had to be reduced due to a tendon injury, which was frustrating, and I finished the year with 1,820 miles logged in my running diary.

I got my running off to a fine start for 2013 with 21 miles on New Year’s Day and nearly 8 miles the following day. A short Thursday run, then a tough, very muddy 8K cross-country and a 22-mile run on Sunday gave me a respectable 59.9 miles for the week – I rested on Monday.

My aims for 2013, apart from my five 50-mile races, are:

– not to get any injuries requiring more than a day or two of rest;
– to run consistently each week, 50 mpw (give or take);
– to improve my running form and efficiency;
– to run more than 2,000 miles during the year.

Remaining injury free is essential to permit the consistent running at about 50 miles per week while should give me a good training base for the ultra races and let me easily reach my total miles target for the year.

This weekend I have another cross-country to run on Saturday and I’ll follow that with another long run (22 miles or longer) on Sunday, all being well.

Later this month I have the Winter Tanners, a Long Distance Walking Association (LDWA) Challenge Event, 30 miles self-guided (following a set of route instructions rather than markers). Should be fun! That will be my last long training run before Thames Trot 50 on 2nd February. Hopefully by then the towpath will no longer be flooded and the forecast colder weather won’t have turned the path into a long ice rink.


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