Back in action, slowly

Being patient and resting to allow injuries to heal is not the favoured activity of runners, and I’m no exception to this. However, I made myself take a full two weeks off after the (revised) Thames Trot 50. This allowed my poor bruised heels to heal properly and, along with about an hour a day of ankle exercises and self-massage, greatly improved the state of my pesky posterior tibial tendon (the one that stabilises the ankle on the inside).

Not until Saturday 16th February did I don a pair of running shoes and go for a slow run around Lloyd Park. This first successful run was followed by a gentle nine miles the following day, up to Crystal Palace Park to encourage a club mate who was doing the London Ultra 50K – which was my first ultra, just last year. Sadly I totally failed to see my club mate, but I did help several other runners to find the right route.

I’ve been incredibly sensible about not running too far or too fast this week, but I have to admit I’m considering going on the 17-mile club run this coming Sunday. If that goes well then I’ll get on the train the following weekend and go recce half of the South Downs Way 50.


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