First steps (on the road to recovery)

On the Wednesday after Ladybower 50, I had a cycling accident, during which I tore my left posterior tibial tendon. Result: six months of enforced rest, five months of that spent wearing a posterior tibial tendon ankle brace – I woudn’t recommend it if you don’t absolutely need it. Irritating and painful.

This has been a¬†boring time during which I’ve not posted because well, no running, nothing really to report. However, I was recently “signed off” by my orthopaedic consultant, allowed to remove the ankle brace, warned not to try to return to running too soon and told that if it goes really bad again and surgery is required, I have only a 30% chance of long-distance running after that. MRI shows tendon degeneration and a tear, so I will just have to see how it holds up.

So: I’ve been patient, I’ve rested. I want to RUN!!!

During the whole of the winter I’ve been swimming and doing Pilates. Once the brace was off, I started physio. A few weeks ago I walked one lap (so 2.5 K/1.55 miles) of my local parkrun. Last week I walk/jogged the parkrun in a “personal worst” time of 38.55 (but it felt great to be out there), and this week, when I was Run Director, I went out after we had processed the results and ran the course gently in about 33 minutes.

I’m still a long way from thinking about running at a decent speed, or returning to long-distance trail running. Obviously I didn’t get to do my intended two-day race at the start of February and my plans to run London Marathon (next week!) and Comrades this year are toast. However I’m daring to hope that I WILL get back to running reasonable distances within the next year.


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