Three weeks…

It’s now three weeks since my fractured fibula was plated. Just another three weeks to go until my next appointment at the hospital. Hopefully the radiographs (x-rays) then will show that the bone has mended appropriately and I will be cleared to start rehabiitation.

The intra-operative x-rays showed that the plate holding the bone nicely in place, with the ankle joint space even (good, as it hadn’t been in the pics taken the day after the fracture – it had been wider on the medial (inner) side), and that the syndesmosis – the attachment between the fibula and the larger lower leg bone, the tibia, was intact (also good).

I’m presently wearing an Aircast boot rather than a cast. The surgeon allowed me to switch to this with the STRICT instruction from him, and promises from me, that I wouldn’t try any weightbearing on the foot until the end of the six week post-op period (and then only if the x-rays say it’s safe to do so). However, I can very gently move my foot up and down and start the joint moving a bit, which is a bonus.

The biggest advantage, and the main reason I asked for the boot, is that I can take the boot OFF so long as I can keep the leg raised up and supported, on cushions or pillows. This is a huge thing for me, because I have problems with a condition called allodynia. Basically, steady pressure on my ankle bones, my Achilles’ tendon, or the top of my foot gets translated into pain by my nervous system. Rather a problem when you’re wearing a cast putting pressure onto those areas all the time. A week after the op I was given a fiberglass cast with a strip about an inch wide taken out the front so I could lever the cast open a bit to take the pressure off my anle bones when necessary (which I had to do several times a day). Being able to actually remove it is much better!

The biggest disadvantage is the the boot is large and heavy – much heavier than the fiberglass cast was, so carrying it about is more work. Less pain makes that well worthwhile.

I’m also much better on the crutches than I was before; I’ve even been out watering the tomato plants, herbs and potatoes – with great care not to get tangled in the hose.

Three weeks also makes it 21 injections into my abdominal area done and 21 to go. Another fun experience (not), although I like the idea of deep vein thrombosis even less, so I keep going with the injections. It will be so nice when I can stop doing this to myself each day.

So, 21 more days, then I sincerely hope the radiographs will show good bone healing and I’ll be able to start the rehabilitation period. Just three more weeks…


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